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City of Commerce,
Fax, mail or email the Service of Process court documents today. Types served in City of Commerce,
Call 213-259-6399 for process serving services today.
Summons and Complaint Process Serving Services Los Angeles, CA
Plaintiff's Claim and Order to Defendant (Small Claims)
$50.00 Flat Rate. (No additional fees) Fantastic Rate *** Please note that some cities may be higher.
Serve the defendant with a small claims suit.

Civil Summons and Complaints (Non-Family Law)
$46.20 + $0.30/page print fee.
Superior or District Court Cases

Summons and Complaints Family Law (Divorce, Child Custody, Visitation
$84.99 Flat Rate (No additional fees excluding notary for other states.)
Move forward with your life and get a fresh start. Serve the respondant at their home or work address.
Completed within 24 Hrs.

Order To Show Cause and Temporary Orders
Get a hearing about the respondents activities and conduct

Acquire an order to protect you and your property.

Subpoena Civil (Duces Tecum; Disposition; Criminal)
$60.00 + $0.30/page print fee.
Order the defendant to court

Make the defendant go to court to answer questions, bring documents, files and recordings or to testify as a witness.

DV: Order To Show Cause and Temporary Orders
Subject to  a  $84.99 Fee Minimum
Get a hearing about the respondents activities and conduct that is harassing and annoying you.

Acquire an order to protect you and your property...permantly.

Order to Appear for Examination
Process Service for the  Defendant or Plaintiff

Process server served order of examination to collect on your judgement. Order of examination are executable by a Process
Server that has the skills needed to get Judgement Debtors Served.

Earnings Withholding Order
Have no more trouble with your child support process service.

Receive up to 25% of debtors wage earnings. Up to 50% for support.

CH: Order to Show Cause And Temporary Restraining Order
(Civil Harassment) - $49.99 (Non-Family Law)
Notify the defendant of a hearing concerning various issues and restrain until the hearing

Have the court order to protect you, family and prevent harassment by the defendant.

DV: Order to Show Cause And Temporary Restraining
Order (Uniform Parentage Act)
(Domestic Violence) (Spousal Abuse) $84.99
Restrain the defendant from certain conduct until the hearing.

Provide the name of the person to be served and we will do the rest.

Business Seizure (Writ of Attachment)
Place a keeper at the defendant's business

Use to attach the debtors personal property or inventory at his or her place of business.

Bank Garnishment (Writ of Execution)
$200.00 (Non rush) $350.00 Same Day Bank Garnishment.  Sheriffs Filing Fee is Included.
Garnish the bank account of the debtor

Professionally prepared documents for the writ.  Notice of Levy, Memorandum of Garnishee plus L.A. Sheriffs File Opening at
the appropriate courthouse.

Summons and Petition
Subject to a  minimum fee of $90.00 (Attorneys pay $46.20)
Obtain jurisdiction of your case by serving the summons and petition for your family law case.

Use this option to obtain jurisdiction of  your case and a restraining order upon said defendant.

Unlawful Detainer & Prejudgment Claim of Right to Possession
$46.20/Tenant & $46.20/Unknown Occupants/Tenants. 24 Hours $85.00/Tenant Evict occupants/tennants and
Unknown Occupants/Tenants and place yourself in peaceful possession of the property. 3, 30,60, 90 day
notices may be served for $60.00. Landlord tennant issues solved simply and quickly using our firm.

You may call at any time to get the papers you need served at a moments notice. Call now and order today.
(213) 352-0533
Over 7000 Defendants Served.
Fast, Reliable and on call 24/7/365

We serve for all local
courthouses in Los
Angeles. No need to worry
about extra fees to file your
proof of service. We
provide FREE proof of
service filing for all

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Sometimes problems may
arise when trying to serve
your document. A wrong
address, evading
defendants, wrong
apartment number and the
like. We will promptly
contact your office if these
problems do arise. Once
the service has been
completed, you will receive
a proof/affidavit of service.
It will be emailed to your
email address you have
provided and an original
will be mailed to your
home or office. Small
Claims Affidavits of service
will be mailed to the
courthouse for automatic
free filing. Summons and
Complaints and all other
court documents will be
mailed to the attorney or
plaintiff on the case.
Professional Attorney and Pro Per Services
All proofs of service are filed free of charge everyday. Call today and complete your order.
What sets us apart from the rest?
  1. We file your proof of service
    free of charge for all cases.
  2. Unlimited attempts meaning we
    keep going until it is completed.
  3. Free stake outs for all family law
    document service of process
  4. Fast, efficient and reliable
    process serving service
    conducted by registered and
    bonded process servers for City
    of Commerce, CA.
  5. Free pick up for local Los
    Angeles County Residents. You
    dont have to scuff around and
    scan and email your documents if
    you dont want to.
  6. Great pricing for CT corp. Only
    $25 dollars for all CT corporation
  7. Emailed copies of proofs of
    service and free filing.
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day process
available for
City of Commerce

Call Process Servers
for City of
Commerce, CA
today and complete
your order.

We Understand the
urgency of your
City of Commerce
, CA
process serving. You need
court documents
to the
defendants quickly in order
to move forward with your
case. From start to finish,
process service
department serves your
documents ASAP. If you
would like faster process
tell us about it.


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Extra Fees
Please include these
fees with your order.

Handling Fee

Email printing and fax

Notary Services

Mailing Fee (Proof of

Express Mail (United
States Postal Service)


LACPSD provides a
variety of useful services for
Attorneys that are located
throughout the United
States of America.
These services are:

  • process serving
  • initial court filing
    services and filing fee
We provide same day
. Our process
serving service covers
the entire County of Los
Court Filing
Document Retrieval
services are  available
for those needing
. We offer
these services for  most
counties located in
California. Now, you can
have documents court
filed or process served
anywhere in the
USA at
great rates. Simply order
process serving
by phone or
email right from your
home or office
Tel. (213) 352-0533
M. 3006 S. Vermont Ave. # 241 Los Angeles, CA 90007
Over 7000 Defendants Served.
Fast, Reliable and on call 24/7/365
Professional Attorney and Pro Per Services