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Service of Process
Los Angeles
$50.00 (Plus Additional Costs if
not mailed)
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Department provides
a variety of useful
services for Attorneys
that are located
throughout the United
States of America.
These services are:

  • process service
  • court filing
  • document
  • background
  • skip tracing
  • witness fee
  • fee coverages
    for certain

CT Corporation

If you have a process
service document
for CT Corporation,
tell us about it. We
process service

frequently and can
provide you with the
proof of service within
the time frame that
you need.


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Rush and
same day process
serving available.

Order Today.

We Understand the
urgency of process
serving. You need those
court documents
to the
defendants quickly in
order to move
forward with your case.
From start to finish, our
process service
department serves your
documents ASAP. If you
would like faster process
services, tell us about it.


Hours of Operation:

Please Note:

If you want to get around
these fees (except notary
fee), please mail the
documents to our office
with 2 copies per
defendant in a envelope
with a return envelope
addressed to  you for the
proof of service.
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Plaintiff's Claim and Order to Defendant (Small Claims)
Serve the defendant with a small claims suit.

Have the defendant process served 15 days before the hearing.

Summons and Complaints
Get the necessary jurisdiction of your case

Have the defendant file a written response with the court and move forward with your case.

Subpoena Civil (Duces Tecum; Disposition; Criminal)
Order the defendant to court

Make the defendant go to court to answer questions, bring documents, files and recordings or to testify as a witness.

Order To Show Cause and Temporary Orders (Family Law)
Get a hearing about the respondents activities and conduct

Acquire an order to protect you and your property.

Order of Examination
Process Service for the  Defendant or Plaintiff

Process server served order of examination to collect on your judgement. Order of examination are executable by a
Process Server.

Writ of Possession (Claim and Delivery)
Get ownership of debtors personal property.

Have the Process Server seize the property and store it for 10 days then deliver it to you.

Earnings Withholding Order
Have no more trouble with your child support process service.

Receive up to 25% of debtors wage earnings. Up to 50% for support.

Keeper 8-Hour (Writ of Attachment)
Seize inventory in the defendant's business

Request this method of levy for personal property in the defendants going concern (business).

Keeper 8-Hour (Writ of Execution)
Specify the name and address of the debtors business

Use the method of levy for personal property in the possession of the debtor by seizure.

Keeper Cash-Only (Writ of Attachment)
Seize the inventory of the debtor's going concern (business)

Specify the name and address of the debtor's business and attach the inventory.

Order to Show Cause And Temporary Restraining order (Harassment)
Notify the defendant of a hearing concerning various issues and restrain until the hearing

Have the court order to protect you, family and prevent harassment by the defendant.

Order to Show Cause And Temporary Restraining Order (Uniform Parentage Act)
Restrain the defendant from certain conduct until the hearing.

Provide the name of the person to be served and we will do the rest.

Personal Property (Writ of Possession) - Execution
Provide a specific description of the desired personal property to satisfy the judgment.

Seize the personal property of the debtor listed on the Writ of Execution.

Business Seizure (Writ of Attachment)
Place a keeper at the defendant's business

Use  to attach the debtors personal property or inventory at his or her place of business.

Bank Garnishment (Writ of Execution)
Garnish the bank account of the debtor

A creditor may request a Process Server to levy on the debtors bank account.

Summons and Petition
Obtain jurisdiction of your case by serving the summons and petition

Use this option to obtain jurisdiction of  your case and a restraining order.

Vehicle Levy (Writ of Execution)
Gain possession of the debtor's vehicle

You may instruct the Process Server to seize store and sell a vehicle in the possession of the debtor.

Workplace Violence
Notify the defendant of a hearing concerning various issues with the defendant's conduct until the hearing

Obtain an order to show cause and an injunction to the harassment at the workplace.

Writ of Possession (Real Property)
Evict occupants and place yourself in peaceful possession of the property

Have  serve the 5 day notice on the unlawful detainer action.
Fax, mail or email the process court documents today. Types served  in Los
Angeles, CA are:
Process Serving Los Angeles, CA
Telephone: (213) 349-6995 $50.00
Email Documents:
Mailing Address: 3006 S. Vermont Ave. # 241 Los Angeles, CA 90007

County Service Areas:
Los Angeles | Orange | Riverside | San Bernardino
All proofs of service are filed free of charge everyday. Call today and complete your order.
Tel. (213) 349-6995
M. 3006 S. Vermont Ave. # 241 Los Angeles, CA 90007
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