Court Document
Original Subpoena  plus two copies of the Subpoena, witness fee in the amount of
$50 per witness. Different states need our court to stamp and update the
subpoena to California forms subpoenas. This requires an additional $85 for filing
plus service fee.
Purpose of Process
Calls the witness to testify in a court of law. A bench warrant may be issued if the
witness does not show up at the hearing.
Process Server's
Provide address of witness. Any pictures as well would help the server in identifying
the person. Types of cars and the best time when the witness is believed to be at
Manner of Service
Personal service only. Subpoenas for attorneys may be left with the receptionist of
the lawyers firm.
Time for Service
10 or more days before the hearing. for best results, allow the process server at
least 20 days in advance for service. Anything less than one week would be
considered "Extreme Rush" and an additional fee of $85 would apply.
Fee Deposit
$50.00 or more non rush. Extreme rush and rush $85.00
$50.00 or more  for service; $50 per witness for traveling expenses if found or
Proof of Service
Proof of service is mailed to the court and to the plaintiff or the plaintiff's attorney.
Information Guide

The subpoena orders a defendant to court an if the defendant or witness does not show up, a bench warrant
may be issued. You may only serve a subpoena personally upon the defendant/witness unless the witness
agrees to some other delivery. Most people do not like to be subpoenaed and evading service is very
common. You should allow the process at least 20 days to locate and properly serve all subpoenas.
Subpoenas should and at most must be served no later than 10 days before any hearing or deposition.
Anything shorter than this time frame would be a rush. Stake outs for subpoenas may be necessary in order
to properly locate and serve the witness.

Witness fees are mandatory in California. Each Witness must receive a fee of $50.

  • $50.00 plus a witness fee or more deposit
  • Two copies of the Subpoena
  • $50 fee deposit per witness
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