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    Welcome to our family law division of process serving services. We serve a variety of family law, contempt
    orders including restraining orders for close pending court dates less than 6 days. We specialize in fast
    delivery of your most important restraining order cases including high profile cases. If you have a restraining
    order or child cease and desist from traveling order, give us call. We can have it served the same day
    including free stake outs for important files.

Fee: $85.00
Gate Fee: $15.00 (secured entrance w/out guard)
Print fee: $0.30/page
Handling and Processing: $6

Free pick up of your documents waives additional print and handling fees: Flat $85.00 (Local Only)

Parking Fees: 90012,90017 - $25.00

    Cases we serve>>>>

    1) intentional - civil wrong deliberate.
    2) negligence - careless civil wrong
    3) strict liability - civil wrong

    intentional tort  - 5 elements[ battery, assault, trespass, false imprisonment, conversion] - invasion of legally protected interest. -
    volitional act requirement. Intentional - the defendants desire to bring about the expected consequence.  She desired for contact to
    occur. It does not matter why. All that matters for intent is that she acted with a desire for contact to occur.  Wanting to cause contact.  
    Intending to cause contact.

    Transferred intent. - intent transfers from tort to tort. Person to person tort.

    Negligence tort - careless actions in some way. Wrongdoing on the part of defendant.. Not noticing a person but causing contact.

    Strict liability - product liability.

    Wrongful death or survival action - relatives have the right to sue in the place of diseased victim. Work exactly the same way.

    Prima facie case - battery is an intentional tort of action.

    Battery - intentional contact. Person to person intent. Tort to tort intent. Contact occurred.

    Assault - acted volitionally, intent to contact offensive. Contact occurred, causation.

    False imprisonment - act confined to a limited space. - establish, intended to cause confinement. Confinement of a limited area - was
    caused by defendant. Causation.

    Trespass - trespass to land , trespass to chattels like a car causing contact to a specific piece of property act, intent, invasion, causation.


    Intentional torts and negligence- civil liability deliberate actions

    Operators are standing by 24/7/365. Call now!
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