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Los Angeles County
Process Servers

3006 S. Vermont Ave.
# 241
Los Angeles, CA
90007 -
3006 S. Vermont Ave.
# 241 Los Angeles,
CA 90007

Service Hotline:
L1 - (8
00) 988-2989

Long Beach Beach Pier
City Hall Los Angeles California
A Brief Look at LACPS Department's
Enforcement Procedures...

Located just 8 minutes from CT Corporation and only 15 Minutes
from the Central Courthouse at 111 N. Hill ST Los Angeles, CA
90012 and other District Courthouses including Bankruptcy Court
and the Kenneth Haun Hall of Justice as well as the District Attorney
for Los Angeles City California, a center for the service of process
because of the number of courthouses in this area, This
Department is very convenient and affordable for individuals and
attorneys who have a need for their important court process to be
served according to the laws of this state. LACPSD Department is
the most affordable service of process company located in the
heart of Los Angeles California at $46.20/serve (Small Claims).
With superior customer service and great pricing which is LACPSD
Department's main concern, we maintain the viewpoint that we will
serve anyone, anytime and anywhere at your request. Give us a
call today.

The LACPSD first opened for business.as a courier service
company. Today the LACPSD  has expanded its services to include
registered process service for all of Los Angeles County California.

LACPSD located near Downtown Los Angeles has 4 divisions in
addition to LACPSD. Los Angeles County Messengers and
Couriers,  The Los Angeles County Court Filers Office, The Los
Angles County Civil & Family Court Services Department  and the
Los Angeles County Music & Production Couriers and Messengers
Department are the four major divisions. We service all of Los
Angeles County along with other surrounding counties like Orange
County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County, Riverside County
and Kern County. Staffed and ready to go, LACFCS Department  is
ready for your process serving needs.

Under the leadership of the first president, the Los Angeles Civil &
Family Court Services Department has risen to 1st in customer
choice overall. LACPSD  is the most affordable service while at the
same time offering superior customer service, top reliable process
serving, and quick process services for only an additional fee of
$50.00-$100.00/defendant. (Same day delivery). We have
strengthened our customer service and our standard procedures
offering multiple copies and original signatures of your desired
Proofs of Service that we sell in order to go with required court
documents for your filing needs. (Additional fees may apply)